Perspective is defined as a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something, in other words, a point of view. As we look at something or someone, or watch a process or phenomenon unfold, we may see and interpret it differently from others because of where we stand and where we come from. Our usual way of doing things influences how we perceive new issues.

Exploratory activity

Watch the 14 minute video below which explores issues affecting farmers’ adaptation strategies to cope with the effects of global climate change. Then answer the 2 questions below.

The compilation video was produced by farming communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. The programme that led to its production was implemented by InsightShare in association with 5 UK-based development agencies and numerous community-based organizations and local NGOs.


1. What different perspectives or major concerns of the speakers can you identify? Which perspective(s) do you sympathize with the most, and why?

2. What do people argue or advocate for? Which argument(s) stand out for you as the most convincing and why? 

Video 'Participatory Video with Farmers - compilation' (3)

Once you have thought through your answers and made notes, click on "Reveal" to check your answers. Are your answers similar, or did you perceive the issues quite differently?