Introduction and learning outcomes

banksy artThis module focuses on perspective, i.e. our particular attitude towards or way of regarding something, and bias, i.e. our tendency to be subjective when we weigh a situation or judge something. 

Our background, our experiences, and our unconscious mind may lead us to perceive the same situation differently from others. 

As critical thinkers, we would like to be as unbiased as possible, which is why, if we want to be fair in judging a situation, we should keep an open mind. We can do this by learning about as many other perspectives around one issue as possible before we make up our mind what to think and how to act.

Learning outcomes

This unit will ask you to:

  • Discover the concepts of perspective and bias
  • Identify diverse perspectives when interpreting information
  • Identify several types of biases
  • Reflect on perspectives and biases, your own and others’

Banksy Pollard Street, East End of London (1)