Learning Design

This course introduces learning facilitators to the aspects of learning design - a methodology to help planning for teaching and learning activities that put learners rather than teachers at the centre and result in high-quality learning experiences for students.

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Questioning As We Learn: An Introduction to Critical Thinking (Course Sample)

This course helps undergraduate students to improve their critical thinking skills from the very first year of their studies, providing a crucial foundation for university education and future studies, and increasing employability. It provides 6 units which universities can optionally integrate in any curriculum modules.

Students will learn the concepts of critical thinking and practise key critical thinking skills. The course is designed to be offered in combination with subject-specific classroom activities as a blended learning approach, with faculty and/or library involvement.

For educators who are interested in strengthening their students' critical thinking skills, we have produced a short sample version. Click the link below to view it.

If you are interested to use the course with your students, please get in touch. Note that our experience shows that this course will need to be adjusted to the individual needs of higher institutions and their students. Contact: JWild@inasp.info

Please note that you can access any time an introductory online tutorial on critical thinking that is designed for any researchers who want to improve their critical thinking skills, regardless of the subject of their studies.

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