We have drawn on our 10+ years of work in digital approaches to capacity development to produce a handbook. Published by African Minds in December 2022, this handbook is open access and you can download it free of cost from the publisher website.

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Innovation in digital learning is helping make higher education more resilient in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria (INASP blog)

AuthorAID picks up Hidden REF award (INASP blog)

Making the most of your Moodle site for online learning (AuthorAID blog)

INASP’s self-study tutorials reach learners around the world (INASP blog)

Adapting online approaches to context: an example from Sierra Leone’s higher education (INASP report)

Online course in conjunction with face-to-face workshops to improve writing skills leading towards more publications in peer reviewed journals (Research article published in European Science Editing. This article was authored by researchers at Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute who offered the AuthorAID course locally.)


Helping Sierra Leone’s students develop their critical thinking skills during a pandemic (INASP blog)

Pivoting to remote support for transforming higher education: what we have learnt (INASP blog)

How do you facilitate an online meeting or course? Our new tutorial can help (INASP blog)

Strengthening critical thinking skills through online learning (INASP Learning, Reflections & Innovation)

Adapting for sustainability: taking training of trainers online to continue higher education support (INASP blog)

Context matters: Human factors are important when designing technology-enhanced learning (TEL) - lessons from working with partners in Uganda and Ethiopia (INASP report)

Adapting to continue higher education support amidst a pandemic (INASP blog)

Increasing the flexibility of AuthorAID MOOCs with learning pathways (INASP blog)

Going digital – What we have learnt about online learning approaches (On Think Tanks)


Why does it work? – INASP’s approach to online learning (INASP blog)

Online learning: five ingredients of success (INASP blog)

Building sustainability of self-supporting communities: INASP’s approaches (INASP blog)

Digital strategy reflects INASP’s values and experience (INASP blog)


Online course and blended learning help students develop critical thinking skills (INASP blog)

Four things we learned about supporting research and knowledge in ‘harder to reach’ places (INASP blog)

AuthorAID MOOC participants reflect on important and inspiring takeaways from the course (AuthorAID blog)


A MOOC approach for training researchers in developing countries (research article published in Open Praxis)

Third AuthorAID research writing MOOC attracts over 1000 developing country researchers (AuthorAID blog)

Embedding online research-writing training in Africa and Asia (INASP Learning, Reflections and Innovation)

Driving knowledge and supporting researchers through online courses (AuthorAID blog)

AuthorAID MOOCs shortlisted for the 2017 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing (ALPSP blog)

Fourth AuthorAID MOOC attracts over three thousand developing-country researchers (AuthorAID blog)

AuthorAID capacity development impact study 2017 (INASP Learning, Reflections and Innovation)

Creating a successful MOOC for academics in low-resource settings (INASP Learning, Reflections and Innovation)

How large-scale research writing courses are making a difference in the Global South (INASP blog)


AuthorAID’s first research writing MOOC attracts over 1000 developing country researchers (AuthorAID blog)

AuthorAID builds research-communications capacity in the global South (INASP Learning, Reflections and Innovation)

Supporting displaced and disadvantaged academics (Digital Science blog)

Latindex and AuthorAID successfully complete second online research-writing course in Spanish (AuthorAID blog)

Enhancing sustainable research capacity through mentorship on research communication and through networking (Presentation at Science Council of Asia 2016 conference by AuthorAID partners in Sri Lanka)

[Second] AuthorAID research writing MOOC attracts a record number of developing country researchers (AuthorAID blog)

Bringing learning closer to the workplace: An online course for librarians in developing countries (peer-reviewed paper presented at Pan-Commonwealth Forum 8)


“Digital development” – the last 100 metres (INASP blog)

Teaching scientists in developing countries to write (Huffington Post)

Latindex and AuthorAID report on successful partnership for research-writing course (AuthorAID blog)

Online course promotes the use of knowledge and evidence in policy (INASP Case Study)

How do you use peer assessment effectively in Moodle? (LMS Pulse)


An eventful year of online courses (INASP blog)

Key themes from the eLearning in Africa conference (INASP blog)

AuthorAID to add online courses for social scientists (SciDev.Net)

On MOOCs (in LINK, the magazine of the ACU’s Libraries and Information Network)

Online training is THE thing! (Politics and Ideas blog)

MOOCs and educational development (INASP blog)

AuthorAID in Sri Lanka: Workshop and annual meeting (INASP blog)


Promising outcomes of an online course in research writing at a Rwandan university (research article published in European Science Editing)

Moodling with Rwandan researchers (Presentation at Ireland & UK MoodleMoot 2012)


Pilot e-learning course (AuthorAID blog)

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