Monitoring progress

Students can monitor their progress in several ways:

1. Unit checklist

For each unit, a checklist for students can be set up on the main learning platform page. 

The checklist helps the students to track major accomplishments when going through the self-study programme:

  • Have they gone through all readings and activities of the unit?
  • Have they made notes for the reflective activities in the unit (on the site blog or elsewhere)?
  • Have they prepared answers to the ‘final reflection’ questions in the unit?
  • If applicable, have they participated in the classroom discussion for the unit? (If your lecturer is not able to provide space during the lesson, you could also have an informal discussion with some of your fellow students.)

When going through the programme, students can tick the items they have accomplished. We encourage the students to look into the checklists at the end of each week so they can celebrate what they have accomplished and plan what to do in the following week!

2. Checkboxes

On the main learning platform page, checkboxes for each unit will be provided that show the students' progress throughout the course. These checkboxes are progress indicators; they will initially be empty and ticked automatically once students have accessed all pages of the unit.

3. Course notebook

Another crucial element of managing own learning is reflecting on it; we encourage students to relate what they learn to their own context. They can do this by keeping a course notebook in which they write down their reflections and any ideas they have. Students can keep their private course notebook in any way they prefer – a Word document, pen and paper, in the cloud, whatever suits them.

The course notebook provides evidence of a student's learning. It is a type of self-assessment, and a good way of monitoring their own learning. In this course, we indicate good points for reflection with the Reflective activity icon.

 Reflective activity icon

And at the end of each unit (the ‘What have I learned?’ page), we encourage students to reflect on the whole unit and what they learned.