Course authors and contributors

In the table below we list the authors and contributors for INASP’s online courses which have been offered at least once since the beginning of INASP's digital learning initiative in 2011.

Course authors are those who have authored whole sections of a course - these are subject matter and online course design experts who work together closely. Course contributors are those who have contributed specific items to the course content or have helped with reviewing the content.  

After content development, the courses are implemented on learn@inasp using a variety of interactive features. This implementation work is normally carried out by Ravi Murugesan, an INASP Associate.

Name of course / module

Years offered



Research Writing in the Sciences (renamed to Getting Started with Writing and Publishing Your Research in 2023)
2011 onwards
Ravi Murugesan, Andy Nobes
Alejandra Arreola Triana, Buna Bhandari, Funmilayo Doherty, Barbara Gastel, Richard de Grijs, Kendi Muchungi
Basics of Grant Proposal Writing
2013 onwards
Ravi Murugesan
Michael Head, Harriet Mutonyi, Sarah Nabachwa, Andy Nobes, Christine Oryema
Research Writing in Environmental Health
2013 to 2017
Barbara Gastel, Anne Riederer
Ravi Murugesan
Copyright and Licensing of Research Publications
2014 to 2018
Sarah Durrant
Lucy Browse, Anne Powell, Ravi Murugesan, Veronika Schaeffler
Monitoring and Evaluation of E-Resource Use, or 'MEERU'
2016 to 2020
Anne Powell, Veronika Schaeffler, Joanna Wild
Research Writing in the Social Sciences (merged with Getting Started with Writing and Publishing Your Research in 2023)
2018 onwards
Tudor D’Silva, Fiona Nash, Joanna Wild
Ravi Murugesan
Editorial Processes for Journal Editors
2018 to 2022
Sioux Cumming, Pippa Smart, Joanna Wild
Online Course Toolkit Programme
2018 to 2019
Ravi Murugesan, Joanna Wild
Questioning As We Learn - An Introduction to Critical Thinking (self-study tutorial as well as course for the AQHEd-SL project)
2019 to 2022
Maria Kovacs, Veronika Schaeffler, Joanna Wild
Anne Powell
Search Strategies
2019 onwards
Anne Powell, Veronika Schaeffler, Nancy Weitz
Academic Writing Skills
2019 onwards
Nilam McGrath
Facilitating Events and Courses in an Online World (course) and Basics of Online Facilitation (self-study tutorial)
2020 onwards
Annelise Dennis, Roisin Manning, Ravi Murugesan, Veronika Schaeffler, Joanna Wild
Vanesa Weyrauch
Research Communication for Policy Engagement
2020 onwards
Clara Richards
Connie Nshemereirwe
Proposal Writing With Impact (renamed to Winning Funds for Research Impact)
2020 onwards
Bernard Appiah, Michael Head, Andy Nobes
Learning Design - Planning for Effective Learning Experiences (TESCEA project)
2020 to 2021 (Handed over to partners)
Annelise Dennis, Joanna Wild, Beth Wokabi
Tabitha Buchner, Josie Dryden, Roisin Manning, Kendi Muchungi, Mary Omingo, Mai Skovgaard
Course Redesign for Significant Learning and Transformation (TESCEA project)
2020 to 2021 (Handed over to partners)
Annelise Dennis, Joanna Wild
Tabitha Buchner, Kendi Muchungi, Mary Omingo, Beth Wokabi
Foundational Skills for Social Science and Health Research
2022 onwards
Kojo Ahiakpa, Petra Boynton, Farooq Rathore, Janet Salmons, Sampson Twumasi-Ankrah
Ravi Murugesan
Scientific Writing in Global Health—Learning from Examples
2022 onwards
Jennifer de Beyer, Paula Dhiman
West Africa Gender Training (PEBL project)
Flora Fabian, Mai Skovgaard


Many of INASP's online courses including our MOOCs have a strong element of facilitation. Our facilitators, most of whom serve in a voluntary capacity, strengthen the "teaching presence" and "social presence" aspects of a course by engaging in discussions with the participants and sharing their own experiences on the course forums. List of facilitators who have served on our courses since 2015

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